III International karaoke festival “Karaoke star”

Press release

IV International Festival “Karaoke Star”

August 1-11, 2015

International festival “Karaoke Star” in Minsk is the largest international contest for karaoke singers which has already become a traditional event for the whole karaoke industry. People not only from Belarus, but also from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, Moldova, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and other countries around the world are anticipating it.  More than 1500 talented singers from more than 15 countries have already taken part in the Festival.
The main aim of the Festival is to give chance to the talented singers to realize their vocal abilities on the big stage and to give motivation to all karaoke fans for further development and self-improvement in the sphere of musical creative work.

The competition is open to all comers - karaoke fans (excluding professional artists) aged 18 years and older who filled in the application form for participation.

The participation is free. 

Prize fund: 10 000 USD 

Entrance fee to the Festival: 300 000 Belarusian rubles

Entry fees:

1. Festival Entry Fee per participant/guest: 300 000 belarussian rubles.

2. Over 5 guests(support team): 150 000 belarussian rubles per participant/guest.


1. Meal (only for participants): 60 000 belarusian rubles.

2. Performing the contest song with backing vocals: 500 000 belarusian rubles per 1 backing singer.

3. Professional Stylist Service(hairstyle, make up): 200 000 belarusian rubles.

4. Costume Hire: 500  000 belarusian rubles.

5. Additional Soundcheck: 100 000 belarusian rubles.

The participants and guests who paid the entry fee, can stay in the karaoke theatre “Bohemia” till the morning FOR FREE.