1.    The Judges vote by open ballot.
2.    The Judges can divide the prizes equally between two participants.
3.    Decisions of the Judges are written in the russian language in the protocols which are kept by the Organizing Committee of the Contest.
4.    Decisions of the Judges are final and not subject to revision.
5.    In the event of a tie, the Judges determine the winner.
6.   All disputes are regulated by the Chairman of the jury.  
7.   The Judges follow this Regulation of the International Karaoke Festival.


Judging Criteria:


Vocal Ability

- the quality and individual characteristics of the voice: pitch, range,vocal technique, tone.

Stage Presentation

- performance and presentation: meaning of the song, acting, emotions, originality, stage culture, style and image.

Complexity of the song

- melisma, modulation, melody leaps, range of the song.

Each performance will be given a score out of 10 according to the criteria above.

Total score is calculated by summing all the scores.

The participant scoring the most points is the winner.